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1) Entrepreneurship & Self Development Series

  • Cultivating Entrepreneurship Mindset

  • Starting Your Smart Business

  • How to get Funding for Your Business?

  • How to look for a Good Job?​

  • Attitude and Mindset for Employee

  • Emotional Intelligence and NLP at Work

  • The 7 Habits

  • How to Live a Fulfilling Life

2) Productivity & Innovation Series

  • Innovative Solutions & Performance Productivity

  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

  • Peak Performance for Motivations

  • Personal Effectiveness and Expectation & Acceptance Levels

  • Creativity Change Your Life

  • Creativity Thinking for the Workforce

  • The Great Passion for Innovation

  • The Right Attitude for Productivity

  • Mind Mapping

  • 6 Thinking Hats

3) Leadership & Sales Communication Series

  • Leadership & Influence

  • Coaching for Leader

  • Leading Effective Teams

  • Leadership Communication

  • Effective Communication

  • The Power of Listening & Asking

  • The Art of Negotiation

  • Professional Selling Skills & Management

  • Consultative Selling Skills & Management

  • Solution Selling Skills & Management

  • Value Added Selling Skills & Management​

4) Employee Assistance Program & Soft Skills Series

  • Work & Life Balance

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Influence and Persuasion

  • The Power of Influence

  • Presentation Skills

  • Trainer The Trainer​


This is the exciting part of assisting SME of Singapore to be connected to their counterpart in the region. With the Initiative by China, Singapore is part of the OBOR region where new business opportunities and investment opportunities are created

ALVS connect this part of our program to other part of program to create an unique and practical solutions for our clients and trainees. For an example, we design the program “Innovative Solutions & Performance Productivity” under the series PRODUCTIVITY & INNOVATION for the project Bridging Singapore Businesses to China, BSC+.

6) Train-The-Trainer Series

  • Train-The-Trainer Level 1 : Basic Skills for New Trainer

  • Train-The-Trainer Level 2 : The Practical Trainer

  • Train-The-Trainer Level 3 : Advanced Skills for The Practical Trainer

  • Coaching for Trainer

Many thanks to Mr. Arthur for his TTT training program. 12 of my colleagues attended the training and found it extremely useful. Mr. Arthur delivered his class in a very passionate manner. Most of my colleagues expressed that after the training, their TTT and presentation skills have improved at their work. Therefore, my company hopes to get Mr. Arthur to return for more of this training program.

Ms. Linda, Schueco

LV’s training greatly benefited me, my company has certainly made a “Good Choice”!!! I realized that all of our team including me are not very well versed in presentation skills. This training strengthens our skills! I am confident that LV future training will enable our team to grow rapidly!

Jeffrey, Atlas Copco

LV’s class has exceeded my expectation! LV handled the content very well and he is very good at explaining the concepts. I understand the lesson very well. To my surprised, when I faced with some problems, be it work or life, LV’s lesson came to my mind and came in very useful. To me, it is a very valuable training!

Vice President, Sanma

It was a very interesting and useful training. I did not pay much attention to my presentation skills previously till I attended LV’s class. After the training, I realized that prior preparation of ppt and speech are very important, it allows me to present my ideas clearly. Many Chinese are usually very good at their sales and business results, however, we are not very good at our presenting. LV’s presentation skills training comes in perfectly to fix the gap, I find that this training will benefit in my future personal and career development.

Eric, Atlas Copco